Between 2000 and 2001 Anthony Paul (aka Audio DNA) began to gain popularity as a technical DJ by playing progressive house on three Technic 1200 turntables in his club DJ sets. In 2002 he added a drum machine to his performances.

Anthony Paul’s productions have charted in the top 100 on numerous occassions and this has gained him recognition worldwide, allowing him to share the same stages as some of the biggest and best producers, DJs and electronic acts in the world. Over the past decade AP has played throughout the United States and in 2007 even made his international debut in the famous isle of Ibiza, Spain.

Anthony Paul was interviewed by Ninevolt Magazine for their electronic music section in 2003 (issue No.113, April 8, 2003; Page 21). In March 2005, he was voted one of the top 5 EDM DJ’s in Hampton Roads after Ninevolt had its “6th Annual Ninevolt Local Music Awards” (issue No.146; page 25).

In 2012 Anthony Paul started his own promotional company called D.A.M.M. Str8, which stands for DJs Against Mainstream Music.

Today AP spins a variety of house music ranging from Progressive, Electro, Funky, and various forms of Tech.