Matchless artist, a charismatic nature.
He win the hearts of the audience irrevocably and for a long time with his charm and excellent musical taste.
By right, one of the top headliners in Russia.
Author of the many club hits.
His set – is not just a collection of great music, with sound waves he send powerful supply of energy all around.
He needs only stand for the turntable, and typhoon of drive hits the audience.
He likes when it s hot, and when a DJ has got a sackful of music, so his mixes can be filled with musical styles house, progressive, electro, breaks and trance.
Sergey Boyko works not only a dj, but a showman also.
He can be seen in various shows, events and private parties very often.
His name is known not only in Russia but outside the country.
Sergey Boyko is famous and desired person in the club-culture.