Dr. Alfred was born in Cuba and lives in Madrid; producer since 2009, he has collaborated in multiple productions with Spanish artists such as: Ismael Rivas, Javier Gonzalez, Henrike, Voltereto, Afrobeat, Iokhonda among others.

He has published on labels such as Iconyc, Beat Boutique, Soundteller Records, Superordinate Music, Clinique Recordings, King Street Sounds, Nite Grooves, Stereo Productions, Natura Live Music, Monza Ibiza Records, Prison Entertainment, Natural Rhythm, Antura Records, Insist Music, Ametist, Monique Musique to complete publications on some 70 labels with more than 300 Beatport references between originals and remixes. Some of his works have been remixed by producers such as: Romano Alfieri, Sven Tasnadi, Jos & Eli, Dizharmonia, Danny Serrano, David Herrero, Fernando Campo, Ismael Rivas, Okabi, Michael A, Juan Astudillo, Th Moy, Matteo Monero, Javi Colors, Collective Machine, Jeancy, Vincenzo D’Amico, Rudosa, Vidaloca and Piem, Mano Tiro, Gianni Firmaio, Enrico Caruso, Division One, Mr. Lekka, Thortsten Hammer, Frink, No Hopes, Guti Legatto, FictiOne, Sebastian Ledher and many others.
Some of his releases have been supported by artists such as Marco Carola, Roger Sanchez, Davide Squillace, Claude Vonstroke, Joseph Capriati, Stacey Pullen, Troy Pierce, Steve Lawler, Agoria, Riva Starr, Rampa, Wally Lopez, Chus and Ceballos , Hugo, Rhadoo, Timo Maas, Gel Abril, Veerus and Maxie Devine, Anil Chawla, Steffen Baumann, etc.
Alfred has been a deejay since 2001 and has played in some of the best clubs in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Ibiza, Amsterdam, sharing a booth with artists such as Uner, Cristian Varela, Wally Lopez, Michel Cleis, Okain, Coyu, Los Suruba, Mendo, Ismael Rivas, Danny Serrano, Federico Grazzini, David Herrero, Hollen, Kabale & Liebe, Federico Molinari, Livio & Roby, etc. He has shared poster and events with M.A.N.D.Y, Sasha, Marc Antona, Steve Lawler, Leon, Mendo, Nima Gorji and many others.
He is currently the owner and manager of Monza Ibiza Records.