For the release of his first EP, “The I”, Indiscreet is pulling
out all the stops and delivering us with a universe of true beauty, in which we
find ourselves immersed from the very first listen.
Resembling French Touch, Indiscreet has already aroused much excitement
through his numerous remixes and explosive live performances in places
such as Lyon, Paris or Madrid. He has also already been scheduled to play
alongside different artists as varied as the likes of Nathan Fake, Missil, MTGD,
Djedjotronic, Data, Costello, Digikid84 and even the renounced Cosmo Vitelli.
And if you have never had the opportunity to experience a music so
powerful that, as it blares through the speakers, the sheer force of it
blows all the cobwebs away, Indiscreet offers the possibility thanks to his
corrosive basslines and a kick so distinct and unique that as soon as the switch
is triggered, the very depths of your innards vibrate with the beat.
The harmony of the melodies that burst through creates a dream-like
stampede that comes to an finish only at the end of the album…
In short, Indiscreet presents us with a jem of an album for anyone who values
good musical composition.