Levon started his first steps in musical industry from 1995. 
He created his own bands, “Megadrive”, “G-Force”. In 2000-2001 “G-Force” was well known band in Armenian electronic music with it’s hit, the remix of Armenian folk music “Kochary”.
From 2001 Levon had founded “L.A Recordings H.S.” (Larec) studio, where he is creating his music up to the point.

From 2002 Levon started working solo.

In 2003 Levon had founded “ElectroIN Label”, which in 2010 re-started it’s work as digital label. Before 2008 “ElectroIN Label” produced many musical projects from Russia and Armenia.

In 2004 was released Levon’s “A Piece Of Kochary” release, which was sale in different countries, from USA to Russia. This release had a big success.

In September 2004 his vinyl “A Piece Of Kochary” was issued special for Djs and the clubs where his new instrumental tracks were presented. The song “Silence” was presented in English. The new composition “Electro Arm Dance” was presented in a new direction “Arm Folk Trance”, which he had written mixing Armenian folk music (rhythm, drums etc.) with trance music. After the release of the vinyl “A Piece of Kochary” the video-clip “A Piece of Sky” was filmed. The videos were taken from the armenian film “A Piece of Sky”.

In June 2004 Levon’s remix “Kirkorov MazzDie” became known on whole Russia, and after them was created a big action “Millions against Kirkorov” which has collected more than 450000 voices against Russian artist Philip Kirkorov. Nobody even though that there will be such a mess around that scandal and the remix which was issued illegal on the licensed disk of Philip Kirkorov. Even Philip Kirkorov started to use his remix also illegally during his concerts.

In the beginning of 2006 his two video-clips were already done. One of them is the song well-known and talented Armenian composer Ruben Hakhverdyan “Mer Siro Ashune”(Our Autumn of Love) which became well known in Armenia, and the other one the video-clip “Temperature”.

In 2008-2009 Levon has created many famous remixes, and songs for different artists. His “Caucassian Alphabet” and “Aram Zam Zam”(Pop Mix) and other remixes became known. In this years he created many songs featured with different artists, with russian singer Sophia Taih, russian electronic band “Razmer Project”, Dj Noya, etc.

In 2009 he released new productions including the single ‘DJ Badrjan’ for Four Peas Recordings America.
In 2010 he released “Come Into My World” single.

In the end of 2010 Levon released “House Drum Loops vol.1” samples release created by Levon special for Djs.

In march 2011 he released the second version of the track “Dj Badrjan” – “Dj Badrjan 2”.

In april 2011 he released the single “Hey!” mixed with latino music, Levon’s voice, and fidget house rhythms.