Louis David took the next logical step and established himself as a Producer who consistently delivers the goods, with sounds ranging from tough Hard-tech to deep and sexy minimal, encompassing his wide array of influences of International sounds. Louis David is a newcomer to the industry, he has been mixing dance records since 2007. The success of his parties gave Luis David the boost he needed in his local dance community.

With his heart in his new based studio, Louis David reflects his individual style and traits to form the sound of Miami Underground with the funky European style, whilst also giving him the opportunity to work with many of his friends and successful collaborators.
Louis D has shared booth with international stars such as: Marco Carola, Ilario Alicante, GummiHz, Dj Boris and many more..

WEHPPA Music, Louis’ label, will be the key to his future project; Louis knows exactly what he wants from his well done progress, embracing the power of digital distribution and forming future strong links with the most important music e-stores in the world such as Beatport, I-tunes, Juno Download and more than 500 different means. At that point, Louis will be in the position to only sign a track that would fit in his project.
With Wehppa Music, Louis and his collaborators will face a lot of responsibilities such as promotion and mastering, but thanks to the technology and to the label’s members knowledge and experience everything will be no more than a long way to cross. This mentioned label will give the opportunity to well known talented dj/producers such as MaxiMinus (Anonima Recordings), Tex-Rec (Italo Business), Juan Rojas (Suara Records), and others to release their future projects under the Wehppa brand