dj Marfel was born in Avellino, a small city in southern Italy, he soon interesting in music in general, but his passion shows at the start of ’80 whit the birth of disco music. We start his adventure as dj at small parties whit his friends, then begins to play in pubs around the city. Through the years Marfel start to occupy the consolle in various clubs in his region, he is musically appreciated for the care in choosing tracks of the play-list and his dj sets, known for the accuracy in rhythm whit bpm never under 128- 130 beats. With Technics 1200 and vinyl records wich he is strictly bound, but the advent of electronic music drives him to abandon vinyl and embrace digital. Marfel loves mixing up in his dj set sound produced by the tools, he uses ( Tracktor pro – Maschine – Soundbeat ecc) Marfel plays Deep and tech house music , whit tech house shades but always with sustained bpm (128-130) . Marfel loves constantly take care of the technical aspect and the choice of tracks accurately selected between the thousands he listen everyday to an various musical portals (Betaport- Juno – Dj-shop ecc)
Marfel is a producer, the most popular release is Good Lock EP ( RoughRabbitRecordings) Ama EP (Play Techno Records) – Jungle in the bass line (Downtech Music) – Sub Dimension EP (Global Techno Alliance) – Ultimate Maya EP (Global Techno Alliance) – Drive to Berlin( Divine Techno Records) – Ballada EP ( Traxacid Records) – Magik EP (Telepathy) – Stardust EP ( Xela Digital) – Flower EP (Xela Digital) – Magik EP (Telepathy rec) No Mathers Ep Remixes ( Xela Digital)- Work hard EP (Telepathy) – El Verano EP ( Creative Technologies Studio ) – Summer Kicks 2012 (Traxacid) – Ultimate Ibiza Grooves 2012 ( B.A.B.A. Records) – Pressure EP ( Divine Techno Records) – Global Techno Alliance vol. 4 (GTA Records) – Underground Compilation Techno ( Downtech Music)
(Telepathy Records) – Mother Melody EP (Phantom Records ) – Plastik EP ( Telephaty records) – Pressure EP ( Divine Techno) and some other tracks in a compilation Cuebase.FM Summer Compilation (MZK Work Record) and many more.

Marfel has been a guest in various clubs and Festival (Christopher Street Day Berlin 2012 -2013 – 2014), in south Italy such us (Smile Disco – Disco Manhattan – Bieer Hall Evolution – Maeba Club – Cocoricò Beach – Alien Rome),
and has shared the stage with some of the most important DJs in the world such as” Chris Liebing , Josh Wink, Hector Romero, Tania Vulcano, Ralf and many more.

Marfel have been transmitted is dj set by Proton Radio (Usa) Cuebase.FM(Germany) Fnoob (England)