Nickolas was born at 28th October of 1976 under the astronomical sign of Scorpio. From a very small age he was interested in music and music creation and that was the beginning of his classical studies as a trumpet player .After almost 10 years in musical studies and already at an age of 18 he has been attracted by the electronic culture of the early nineties . He has been an active member of the central Greece local underground rave scene . As member of Hypnosis mobile party teem in Larissa , his home town, he has played in several parties as dj and as alive set under the names infinite Zen nickolas spacehead and also started to build his Rising Galaxy Studio at his home. Rising Galaxy Studio has been for years the cocoon of every local production in the local area with productions varying from early psychedelic trance to deep house . He has also worked in parallel as an audio engineer and producer in radio stations : Fresh Fm Larissa and Enjoy Radio . He has also produced varius commercial broadcasting productions for spots , jingles and trailers. Nickolas also played from 1996 to 2000 numerous dj sets and live acts in Israel and Germany . Also produced an avant garde trance Cd named Brain Deflections in the German Label Nephilim Records . By the start of the new Millenium Nickolas made a turn to his early days love , house music. He has teamed up with George Baloumis a.k.a. G Spice , a friend and a co producer from the days of Hypnosis . This collaboration gave them the No1 position in the 2006 International Music Search Competition from the lengedary West End Records . Now days he plays a mix of energetic deep clubby house music if there is such thing !!!! along with G Spice and other household names in Greek house scene , like Niko Diamantopoylos , Dj Salvatore and others . He also works for a radio station in Athens and as a free lancer audio engineer for studio and broadcast productions . His is also completing his studies in audio engineering in the S.A.E. Athens Nickolas