10 years after… here we are…

Now.. let’s say this straight … things haven’t been easy… almost 20 years ago, one day i started playing as a Dj …yes.. vinyl in Monterrey, Mexico,…  no CD’s around …for being considered a real DJ you had to play vinyl at the time…and the internet searchers were horrendously incomplete and super slow…but that was a promise for the future..

Writing songs was a part of our lives…connecting with emotions and people through music…and have a vision as an artist….that was the important matter for those as myself who grew up in the end of 80’s and 90’s,  

So, since then, putting out music was a challenge…big record labels were too selfish in putting attention to new promising acts specially if you didn’t have the connections…I saw passing by countless talents exhausted and discouraged for the same reasons..

The dream was to support these artists and ourselves…so once we were in Miami, we struggled enough to make it happen since some -i’m being nice- of the dance record labels were behaving same way as those transnational companies …they just had attention for their famous and recognized friends…and just some acts, were mainstream enough to be signed and break through with a single…hoping it would become a hit that eventually would make them become the next Tiesto, Armin, Eric Prydz, the new Deadmau5 etc..

You can tell that what i’m saying is the truth,  because if you look back at the top 100 in Beatport in different years and different genre, most producers have vanished away…because low payments as producers…not enough gigs as expected …and the list goes on…

Hundreds of record labels have made a long paused as well or disappeared for the same reason (as us), too expensive to manage, very low sales, everything is straming now,  and it takes too much time to be updating everything related to it like social media and websites …and well we have to pay our bills and support our families..

However even with that..we managed to release more than 300 productions, and support more than 150 artists (producers, remixers, singers, songwriters), Some of them were very loyal for many years and were thankful for the first opportunity….now they are playing major leagues and have accomplished big hits in some major labels…and even toured the world…..Others, stopped for a while to accomplished other goals…and others were not that thankful or maybe even embarrassed of people noticing they had started as others in a very small independent project …but it didn’t matter at all…bottomline they were part of the same story in these 10 years..and guess what …we are part of them too.. .and they looked for us at the time..for a reason…they saw opportunity in this label. and we saw in them …something crucial:  talent and timeless melodies inside all dance music genres.

So this website today is more like a honest and humble tribute to all of you who released something here …and to your music…for anyone or new fans to come

Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…


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