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We are an independent Electronic / Dance Music recordĀ label based in Cancun. Since 2008 our main goal it’s been to showcase talented producers from all over the world. We believe in timeless tracks and melodies in any Dance Music genre.

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New Album:

A Decade of Hits,
Timeless Tracks by Timeless Producers
Vol. 1, 2 & 3 out NOW !!!

10 year anniversary of one of the most diverse dance music labels from Miami and Cancun. A talent pool of several recognized producers in this decade. This compilation delivers the first part, a robust playlist of all sub-genre dance music hits that made history in this label.

Watch Jimmy Onassis remixed by Gonzalo Shaggy Garcia in "New Life"2m32

Electro Esthetica - Call To Ibiza:

Electro Esthetica and his classic hit CALL TO IBIZA2m32

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