Somebody’s Her (Remixes)

Release Date : January 6, 2010
Artists : Carlo Astuti, El Mariachi, Our Amygdala Heist, The Colour Elect
Catalog ref. : FPR039
Format : Digital Download

Formed in Los Angeles by lead-singer Josef Gordon, guitarist Kellen Mills, drummer Robb Hutzal, guitarist Chirs Wrate & bassist Leo B from Indonesia, The Colour Elect has been building up a name for themselves as band in the United States for their unique sound, distinct look, not so typical rock sound, bold lyrics, and soaring anthemic melodies. Their wide variety of “Colours” are refleted in this remixed single collaboration with italian Dj/producer Carlo Astuti in ‘Somebody’s her’. Delievering a new vibrant electro view of the original track and some other hot remixes from Our Amygdala Heist & El Mariachi